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Half of Working Women in Canada Have Endured Sexual Harassment

But fewer than three-in-ten chose to report these incidents to a superior or human resources department.

Vancouver, BC – At a time of enhanced discussions about workplace etiquette and the #MeToo phenomenon, a sizeable proportion of working women in Canada say they have faced sexual harassment during their careers [read more]

One-in-Five Canadians Find Fault with Name and Logo of Edmonton Eskimos

In Alberta, only 12% of residents believe the name and logo of the CFL franchise is unacceptable.

Vancouver, BC – In light of several discussions about the use of indigenous names and imagery in North American sport franchises, fewer than three-in-ten Canadians believe this practice is unacceptable for five current teams [read more]

Canadians Give Trudeau High Marks for Foreign Affairs and Environment

Dissatisfaction with the federal government is highest on electoral reform, dealing with drug abuse and pending pipeline projects.

Vancouver, BC – Two years after the Liberal Party's victory in the 2015 federal election, Canadians are divided on which issues the current government is handling properly [read more]

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